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Mother Has Six Children, and You'll Never Believe What Colors They Are!

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Check out this clip of a woman with six kids, three of which have Albinism. Listen to this family’s story from the day the mother brought her children home, to the difficulties doctors say they will experience in life, and some things they are already experiencing from their own community. Albinism is a ‘genetic condition where people are born without the usual pigment (color) in their bodies.’ This means that their bodies do not produce the right amount of melanin that is responsible for our eyes, skin and hair. Most people with albinism ‘have very pale skin, hair, and eyes’. It’s really heartbreaking to see the difficulties this family is going through, and that these children may not be truly accepted by their community. But it’s also pretty wonderful to see how this family has banded together to show their children love and acceptance. Regardless of what anyone else has to say.
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