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Top 10 Secrets For Getting The Cheapest Car Insurance!

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If you want to save some serious money on your car insurance then check out this list of the 10 secrets for getting cheap car insurance!
10. Ever heard of the six month rule?
You might not know this, but every six months you can call your car insurance provider and renegotiate your premium and rates! Your rates will be determined by your driving history, and if the car insurance company has more history to work with than hopefully that will result in a reduced rate! If they don’t offer you a lower the rate despite a great driving record, you might even want to remind them that you are not obliged to resign with them when your coverage is up! Be warned: you do not want to renegotiate your car insurance rates if you have been involved in an accident, an infraction, or some other incident on the road that may negatively impact your car insurance rates.
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