WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT! Son Murders Mom! Laughs During Interview About The Murder!

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When Zachary Davis was only 15-years-old, he murdered his mother. Check out this chilling interview between Zachary and Dr. Phil. Zachary’s voice sounds downright haunting. He shows no remorse for his actions! This guy may give you nightmares! When Dr. Phil asked Zachary to describe the fateful night he murdered his mother, Zachary calmly answers Dr. Phil’s questions. He says that he bludgeoned his mother over the head with a hammer about 20 times as she slept! He even smiles! This is one twisted kid! What reason did Zachary give the authorities for his mom’s murder? He tells Dr. Phil that he felt his mother did nothing about the time his brother allegedly raped him. The entire incident is downright disturbing. Would you be able to sit across from this guy and ask him questions?
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