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The Kid Bodybuilder ‘Little Hercules’ Is Now A Man! Is He Still Lifting Weights!?

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Do you remember hearing about ‘Little Hercules’ 15 years ago? He was a super tough, muscular 8-year-old boy and was heralded as being ‘the strongest boy in the world!’ So what is Little Hercules up to now? Is he still lifting weights on a daily basis? Now 23-years-old, Richard ‘Little Hercules’ Sandrak is a stuntman for Universal Studios Hollywood Waterpark! He sets himself on fire about 5 times a day and dives into a pool of water about 25 feet below! Wow! How’s that for a change of careers!? Sandrak has given up weightlifting completely. In the interview, Sandrak says that weighting lifting just got ‘boring.’ It seems it was his father, too, that made Sandrak give up weightlifting. His father was his trainer and was often criticized for pushing Sandrak too far!
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