How to Lose a Court Case in 26 Seconds --Quickest Judge Judy Case Ever!

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Earlier this week, a Judge Judy clip that originally aired in 2010 went viral--if you missed it, then stop what you are doing and get ready to literally laugh out loud, it’s just too FUNNY! If there is one thing that you never want to do while on trial it’s self-incriminate. Unfortunately, that is exactly what these two defendants do. Judge Judy’s name for them: ‘dumb and dumber.’ Just wait until you see Judge Judy’s hilarious response to their hilarious defense--it’s priceless! The two men were on trial for the theft of items belonging to a young woman, Ginny Paradeza. The items were taken from Ginny’s wallet, and she alleged that the two young men (both 18) stole: $50, her I.D., a few gift cards, an earpiece, and a calculator. So how exactly did Judge Judy settle the case in record-breaking time? Did she have to use deduction skills akin to the great Sherlock Holmes to bust these two alleged crooks. Nope, all Judge Judy had to do was let one of the defendants speak. When Ginny started to list off the items that had been stolen from her wallet, one of the defendants interrupted her and said: ‘there was no earpiece in there, ma’am.’ Ummm, how would you know what was in the wallet, dude? Upon hearing this, Judge Judy almost smiled--it was almost as if she was saying, ‘couldn’t all my court cases be like this?!’ She even blurted out ‘I love it! I love it,’ which had the courtroom erupt into laughter. One can only hope that these two young men learned that a life of crime never pays, especially when you’re no good at it!
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