X-Factor Contestant Brings Simon Cowell To Tears! His Voice is Absolutely Amazing!

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Legendary reality music judge Simon Cowell is renowned for his stone faced and blunt opinions; he is never afraid to tell a budding singer exactly what he thinks of his or her talent. If a singer were to name his or her worst fear, it would probably be Simon Cowell judging their performance. Emotion is usually the last thing you would associate the crusty reality TV judge. But when Josh Daniel took to the stage in the first round of X-Factor and sang Labrinth’s touching song ‘Jealous,' Cowell couldn’t contain his emotion. After you watch it, you might not be able to, either! As Daniel sang, tears could be seen streaming down Cowell’s face. It shouldn’t be all that surprising, however, as just three days prior to Daniel’s audition, Cowell had lost his mother, Julie. Mrs. Cowell was a former dancer and died at the age of 89. The theme of personal loss rang throughout Daniel’s song, as he sang it in memory of a childhood friend who had passed away; the emotional themes inherent within Daniel’s performance clearly struck a chord with the devastated Cowell. Daniel’s performance was so moving, in fact, that Cowell was left speechless when it came to his turn to judge. When asked about his performance's affect on Cowell, Daniel’s said: ‘I didn’t see any of that, but I knew that he’d lost his mother so it’s understandable that he was touched deeply.’ It’s perhaps one of the most emotional and evocative talent show performances ever. It’s almost impossible to listen to Daniel’s performance and not be inspired by the sorrow and courage behind each word.
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