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DMCA Removal

Updated July 13, 2015 DMCA COPYRIGHT POLICY

If You Wish To Report Copyright Infringement please follow the instructions below:

  • you need to provide a physical or an electronic signature of the person who has permission to operate on behalf of the owner of the copyright that you allege is being infringed;
  • a clear statement that identifies the works or materials that you feel are being infringed;
  • you have to let know which specific material is being infringed, and also include details about the specific location of the infringing material on the’s website that the owner of the copyright being addressed wishes to have taken down, with enough detail so that is able to locate its presence and it's location on the website;
  • you must also provide your complete contact information to, including all of the following: your address, telephone number, and, email address (if available);
  • you must also issue a good faith statement to that explains fully why you think the intellectual property that was submitted to has allegedly infringed the copyright and has not been authorized by its owner, agent, or the law;
  • finally, you must give a statement that is made under penalty of perjury that the information that you provided to is actual, true, and the that you, the notifier, have been granted the power and authority to issue this grievance on behalf of the legitimate copyright holder.

Once receives a full and appropriate and complete Infringement Notification:

It is policy:

  • to remove infringing content from the website or remove the capability of the infringing property to be accessed;
  • to report to the content supplier that supplied the copyright infringing content, that has taken down or disabled access to the content in question;
  • that any content supplier who continually submits infringing content or others’ copyright materials will have all their supplied content removed from and will cease the content supplier’s, the user’s, or the member’s access to

The following is the process to send a Counter-Notice of copyright infringement to

  • the content supplier must provide a physical or electronic signature;
  • the content supplier must inform which material they are disputing and where that material appeared on the website before it was taken down or its access was removed;
  • the content supplier must provide a good faith statement to that the content that has been taken down or has had access removed was misidentified or it's removal was a mistake;
  • finally, the content supplier has to provide to their name, address, telephone number and email (if available), along with a statement that such a person fully complies to the authority or control of the Federal Court for the judicial district in which the content supplier’s address is located, or if the content supplier’s is located outside the United States, for any judicial district in which is located, and that such person will accept service of process from the individual who supplied notification of the alleged infringement. If a counter-notice is collected by, may forward a copy of the counter-notice to the initial protesting person informign them that it may restore the eliminated content or once again provide access to its location on the website in ten business days. Excepting that the copyright holder files an action trying to issue a court order against the original content supplier, the removed content may be restored or have its access restored by the discretion of in 10 to 14 business days after receiving copy of the the counter-notice.

If you would like to receive notice of claimed infringement, contact our staff at

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