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19 Hilarious Beer Labels That Will Brew Up Some Laughter!

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Craft beer is everywhere these days, so craft brewers have to find new and interesting ways to entice beer drinkers to drink their beer. Check out these hilarious and very innovative beer labels, they’ll make you laugh as much they will make you thirsty!
1. Beanus Dunkel Buck
Check out this brewery’s awesome tribute to the classic John Candy film Uncle Buck.
2. MMMHops
Remember Hanson? The trio of brothers who became famous in the late 90s with their infectious song ‘MMMBop?’ Yeah, well, this is their beer. No joke.
3. The Princess Wears Girls Pants
This beer is the result of an inside joke between two old friends. Nothing like turning an inside joke into a delicious brew!
4. Citra Ass Down
After a long day of work, you might just wanna ‘citra ass down’ and enjoy one of these cold beverages!
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